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Come Heal & Grow through Eco-Art & Play

    thru Art 

Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

A Therapeutic Approach for Natural Growth through Self-discovery and Creativity

This is a trailhead for a creative journey, including workshops, courses and sessions for individuals, couples and groups. 

“Heather is a masterful educator on how to heal and grow through artistic expression. Her presence is open, kind, wise, and playful. She is skilled at creating a safe container for individuals to explore, go deep, and have meaningful transformative experiences." Mary Gibbons, MD





Art + Nature + Play Sessions Booking Now







"Almost all creativity involves play."

Abraham Maslow

"Walk in nature and feel the healing."

Anthony William

"Art has the power to transform."

Harvey Fierstein

Pandemic Relief through Creativity

In recognition of current need, I have put together courses, drop in offerings, and group circles to help you in this time of need. The offerings include free material and scholarship and sliding scale pricing are available. Please reach out.

  A Naturally Creative Path

APPROACH: Heather's approach guides you on a transformational journey in which the challenges of your life are viewed as stepping stones upon a healing path. Combining art, nature and play, this journey returns you to nature to help heal and reconnect you with your nature. This art is not "perfect" but real and authentic.


ORIENTATION: Whether molding clay, painting or walking in the woods, Heather's orientation is PLAY. Integrating archetypal theory, neuropsychology and ecopsychology with ancient practices of land-based healing, rites of passage and storytelling, her approach is natural. Its emergent nature creates a therapeutic expression that  is unique to each individual or group and their needs. Weaving dreamwork, sandplay, journaling, forest bathing, dialectical behavior therapy, visualization, meditation, mindfulness, and sound/energy healing with art, she let's your creativity take form. 

QUALIFICATION: Beyond a doctoral degree in psychology, specializing in creative transformation through art therapy, Heather has training and certification in leading rites of passage (through WSU, School of Lost Borders and 4H), mindfulness, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, graphic facilitation, art therapy, conflict resolution, and life, story, purpose and soul coaching. She has decades of experience working with all ages and stages of life in the transitions between. Heather is not a licensed counselor or therapist but her degree certifies her to teach classes on a therapeutic process. Therapy comes from the root "to heal," and she uses a Jungian approach to self-healing and learning.

ISSUES: An eco-art therapeutic approach is a way to get to know yourself and the Self on a path of self-knowledge, growth, and transformation. It has proven effective with issues of anxiety, depression, fear, codependency, domestic abuse, family conflict, gender issues, grief, loss, learning differences/disabilities, PTSD, OCD, sexual abuse, trauma, chronic illness and pain . . . increasing relaxation,  immunity, coping skills, self-esteem, mindfulness and peace.



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Creative Benefits



Eco-Art &Play Therapy

Bringing the wisdom of the past together with the technology of modern times, onsite offerings are supplemented with online content, activities and support to help you grow as an individual, family and community. The journey of transformation begins in different places for different people. It can start with a birth or death, an inner call or vague feeling. While the reasons to start this journey differ, the benefits are consistent. This path improves your

mental, behavioral, educational and emotional health. The results can be seen in an increasing your immunity and changing your brain state. More than that, it creates a happier and healthier life and a deeper relationship with yourself. While individual sessions are often best, Heather has created courses to help you transform over time and in a group.

Classes starting  Soon

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 Transformative Creativity


Integrating art with natural play transforms serious work into FUN. It takes the symbolic images and stories that emerge from your unconscious and reimagines them as an archetypal journey and story. Like a personal heroic quest, this life journey helps you uncover your buried treasure and power. Through childlike play, you learn to reach back and redress wounds from your childhood that can't be touched by words and conscious though, accessing and integrating repressed and unconscious memories. Offering a greater sense of peace, love and fulfillment, art therapy helps you express, explore and understand your past to create a different present and future. It helps you to be natural, connecting your nature with nature and a power that is beyond the understanding of words and intellect. 

"Often it is necessary to clarify vague content by giving it visible form. This can be done by drawing, painting or modelling. Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." 



"Heather is an exceptional healer, teacher and group facilitator, as well as  a beautifully soulful artist and person."  


Being in nature has significant and wide-ranging health benefits both physical and psychological.


Art therapy increases mental functioning, reduces stress and heals past complexes and wounds.

A Therapy of Inclusion

This process embraces diversity and difference by focusing on the archetypal nature common to everyone. Integrating the imagination and intuition, it values multiple intelligences and ways of knowing. Bypassing a modern approach to diagnosis and disease, eco-art therapy returns to earlier ways of healing and the therapeutic practice of the psychologist Carl Jung, an approach which has proven to be the most effective long-term therapy and the basis of modern eco-art therapy. Integrating the past, eco-art therapy embraces all of us. For longer course work and play as well as rites of passage offerings, please go to the websites listed below. 


“I really feel that you have made such a huge contribution to our souls, to our artistic creative selves...I would like to have a lot more Jungian work like this.” Fanny Brewster, PhD, MFA, author, and analyst

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman is a stunning reflection of devotion to walking the soul’s path. In her teachings, her work with individuals and her online presence, she skillfully guides others in attuning more fully to their inherent wholeness. Through skillful therapeutic practices, engagement with art, nature, sound, ritual and her insightful intuitive sense, Heather walks with others so heart-fully to reclaim and remember their true divine nature. Heather, and the many varied aspects of her beautiful work are a gift to our community and to the world. 

Jennifer Dawn, Healer, Spiritual Teacher


From sand play to painting, clay to journalling, art heals us. In this method you will move naturally to express your soul's vision. This method is your method--allowing you to guide yourself on a path of your own design to reconnect your nature with the natural world. At Beloved Sanctuary, this can take many forms from walking paths in dialogue or silence in the forest, labyrinth or a meditative sacred geometry square. It could include painting or collaging in session as an individual or group--or following online coursework. This is your path and Heather's guidance is about helping your find your way.

"There is only one way and it is your way."

C G Jung

“In everyone some kind of artist is hiding.”

C. G. Jung

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