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In collaboration with 4H, School of Lost Borders and WSU

Our uniquely powerful offerings combine cutting edge science with ancient wisdom to provide a circle of support for the journey of your life. Weaving on-site learning at our nature center with online resources, we are here to help you navigate the big steps that mark your passage along the way. Offering a circle of support that includes counselors and doctors, tribal elders and storytellers, drum-makers and nutritionists, we have gathered the resources to provide safe passage as you navigate your journey. Whether you are transitioning through childhood, adulthood, elderhood or going through significant passages in you life, we have created a circle to help hold you as you grow into the fullness of your power, purpose and potential.

IT’S YOUR Journey


Rites of passage mark initiations from one stage of life and state of consciousness to another. They lead us into the wilderness within and outside of ourselves, moving through the life journey from youth to old age. In the modern era, rites of passage have been lost, leaving people adrift without the support of their community to move forward on their path. These programs help meet the current crisis of stress, anxiety and depression by leading people to find meaning and purpose within their nature and the natural world. With base camp set up at the Beloved nature and creativity sanctuary to provide safe passage. Ultimately leading to a culminating rite of passage designed by the candidate to represent and hold their unique transformation, the journey ends in the deep wilderness with destination in the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, the Hoh Rainforest and La Push beach. 

"Every positive change--every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness--involves a rite of passage." Dan Millman

Are you ready to take your  next step?

This is a life journey in which you are the hero or heroine. It is your quest, your rite of passage in which you overcome your own challenges, whether it is going through a divorce, struggling with addiction, or depression.  While we undergo initiatory challenges throughout our lives, there are critical transitions that have always had ceremonies to help people go through the separation, initiation and integration that is required. These transitional times are:

Pre-teens (10-12); Teens (13-17); Young Adults (18-25+); Mid-life (40-60); Elderhood (65+); and Full circle (end of life).

Besides these passages, other transitions like birth, awakening and completion are honored with offerings.

Each assembles supporting staff to guide your transition.  To learn more, visit below.

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